Friday, May 22, 2009

A music post of sorts

What I'm Listening To: Framing Hanley - Lollipop

What I'm Doing: Reading The Long Hot Summoning by Tanya Huff

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I found a TON of great stuff on Youtube, and absolutely had to share some of it. I love music exchanges, too, so if you've got something you think I'd like, go ahead and send it on over. A lot of these are in German, and various other languages. Don't let that stop you; there's some amazing songs in here.

My Excellence - The End of Days (This video is sad.)
MDP3's Crazy Loop Video (But this one makes up for it. It's hilarious.)

The next several are in German.
Kate Hall - Die letzte Trane
Vicky Leandros - Moge der Himmel
Schiller - Sehnsucht
Eisblume - Leben ist schon

These ones are silly, but somehow, I'm HOOKED. I can't stop listening to them, despite how stupid they are.
It started with this one.
Schnuffel - Mi Peluchito (It's the same song, but it's a little more palatable because it's in cute Spanish, not irritating English.)
Schnuffel - Ich hab' Dich lieb
Schnuffel & Wendler - Haschenparty (This is actually Not Annoying. I love the dancing girls.)
Gummibar - Cho ka ka o
Gummibar - Gummy Bear Song
Jakarta - Superstar

Now some miscellaneous songs:
SMPFilms - Hey Little Sparta (This is a favourite of mine.)
Code Red - Kanikuly (My weakness is school uniforms.)
Code Red - Shut Up (The original of this song CRACKS. ME. UP. This version is just as good.)
Crazy Loop - Johanna Shut Up
Crazy Loop - Crazy Loop (Mm-ma-ma)
Kate Ryan - Ella elle l'a
Jesse Spencer - Sheets of Egyptian Cotton (Found this song YEARS ago, but never connected Jesse Spencer the singer to Jesse Spencer as Dr. Chase on House.)
Framing Hanley - Lollipop (remix) (I adore this band.)

And there you have it folks, some of the things I found today/recently, and am listening to now. So what are you listening to?


  1. WOW ... I had no idea that Jesse Spencer sand the Egyptian cotton song! I haven't seen Uptown Girls in years, and I had forgotten all about it. Love that catchy chorus--makes me bob my head around :)

    (I haven't had the chance to reply to your last comments on my blog, or to post a new blog lately, b/c this week has been ridiculous! Will get to it soon, I hope. Have a fantastic memorial! :D)

  2. First: I meant "sang" in line 1 of my earlier post, not "sand." Now ... In reply to your replies :)

    You didn't sound creepy--it's fun talking to new people, especially when it's about writing. I love getting the perspective of others, b/c it really makes me rethink things at times.

    lol @ the aging/growing more immature thing--i absolutely feel that way at times, and i ALWAYS said i'd be the super cool teacher that kids could relate to and talk to honestly and really learn from. i tried to be the "cool" sub, and it was a tad double-edged--all of the kids did love me, and they begged their teachers to let me sub again ... BUT, it took awhile to get them to calm down and to realize that i wasn't there to just be their friend. there was one six grade teacher that did keep requesting me, though, so i think i found that middle ground: the lets-have-fun-but-we-have-to-learn-too middle that i think all teachers would like to find, but some just can't. (small bribes like pencils and pens helped :D) i know it helps if you're younger, b/c kids look at you and say, "okay, she's not that much older than us, so maybe she really does understand." and that thought is driven even further home if you can carry on a convo about so-and-so band or so-and-so movie. i loved talking to the kids and getting inside their heads ... after i started subbing, i even bought books to study to become an english teacher instead of practicing law. but, alas, i did not take that path.

    the best class i ever had was a u.s. history class in college. unlike you, i never liked history. but this guy was amazing--he was energetic, and he worked the room and did the best impressions of lee and grant and kennedy--hands down best time i ever had in school, and the most i learned in such a short period of time as well.

    to be continued ...

  3. continued ...

    on american idol: i hate with a passion the beginning shows. it's not so much the crappy singing i hate; it's the people who go on the show KNOWING they can't sing but wanting television time, and the show actually gives it to them. that, i cannot understand. or respect. i wans't going to watch it at all this year, but i heard about this neat kid adam lambert, and decided, "what the heck ... i'll go cold turkey next season." :)

    i absolutely think vicky is relatable, at least from what i know about her. but, she also has her own personality. she's not an envelope without a card. she is the personalized info inside the card. that balance--the relatability (not sure if this is a word...) and the individuality--is, to me, what makes a character successful. vicky may not be a teen, but she is "coming of age" in a different kind of way. those stories are always enjoyable. i love watching people find themselves and grow, especially if it's in a real way and not some fairytale version.

    Music, music, music. I could talk it all day. I could listen to it all day. I tend to lean toward the indie variety, but i also love rock and some pop, and "oldies" (70s/80s) ... even the occasional rap song gets me (e.g., t.i. and j.t.'s dead and gone--overplayed to the point of eye-rolling, but the melody is just haunting to me for some reason). 90s is also awesome to me, b/c of the nostalgia. i hear a gin blossoms song on the radio and think, "oh my god ... i was doing this-that-or-the-other when i turned sixteen and blah blah blah!" i love those moments.

    Since you posted about Stabbing Westward, I've made a new playlist for my current WIP. For now, it consists primarily of SW songs; i still have to scour through my itunes for other songs w/the vibe i'm going for.

    to be continued again (dang character limits!) ...

  4. and finally ...

    i think you're right about the writers block vs. lacking motivation. with me, i have the most motivation when i feel the most creative. sure, i can write any day, but if i don't feel the scene in my bones, then i don't FEEL like creating something halfhearted. i'd rather open my blog and whine about how writer's block sucks and wahhhh wahhh wahhh for me. :D

    about criticism: i always thought, "i'm a big enough person to get honest critiques from others; plus, it's not really THAT bad, so i doubt they have much to say except change this style or that ..." yeah. i was wrong. the critiques do sting from time to time, but it gets better. and it is sooo helpful. the only critique that still really burns me and that i take really personally was when one girl said that b/c my 2 lead girls curse and have tattoos on their wrists and joke around about the popular girls, that my girls came off as "bad" and "trashy/dirty." or something like that. i wanted to tell her where she could stick it after that comment. (i still have her critique somewhere--if i find it i'll post it some time.) she was in that "moral outrage" boat that you spoke about, i think, but that's her hang up, not mine. the point to my rambling is that some times, criticism really burns. but if i take a deep breath, step away for a few minutes, and come back with more logical and open eyes, i realize that so-and-so was right: it does help with the flow if i move c to after x, instead of starting off with it. some of the changes, i integrate into my work. some i don't.

    lol at sharing your ego to keep it head-sized or smaller for you. we writers all have egos, don't we? :D i'm just getting started on my latest wip, but maybe i can post little snippets as i get a little further into it. i never know the rules about what you can post online and what you shouldn't, and how open with a potentially endless virtual community you should be about your plot, at least until you have an edited MS that you're shopping around for agents. i think it's the paranoid lawyer coming out in me--i think about things like copyrights and patents and trademarks and all that jazz. :)

    okay. i can't see my screen anymore (blurry eyes and my glasses hurt my face). so i'm submitting this blindly. screw proofreading! we'll call it my first draft :D

  5. I love the Gummy Bear song! LOL. I thought I was the only one...