Friday, June 26, 2009


What I'm Listening To: The Fray - Heaven Forbid

What I'm Doing: Thinking about how nice some bacon and cheesy eggs would be right now.


Why is bacon so funny?

It's delicious. And smells heavenly when it's cooking.

But I'm feeling cut off from my friends lately, because my two RL friends just ran away to Texas, and there are really only two other people that I dedicatedly talk to; one of them is on MSN because she hates messengers, but my MSN refuses to connect, and the other one is on YIM because she didn't have MSN, and she works insane hours, as well as is revising one of her novels, and is on the west coast, so I have to either stay up insanely late to talk to her, or ... not talk to her. TAT And I've been missing both of my messenger buddies lately, but in a way, it's been a good thing, because I'm up to 50k words on my newest WIP, Eden's Gate (EG or Eden for short) and I started five and a half days ago. (Technically, three and a half, because I wrote for two days before scrapping the whole project and starting again.) So 50k in like... less than a week is nothing short of miraculous.

But enough about me.


Kevin Bacon!

Mindi Scott reminded me of it with her post about a conversation overheard at brunch, which left me in stitches I was laughing so hard.

But then it reminded me of another thing that made me laugh until I cried.

It's that one line, about 2/3rds of the way in.
You know what the kids need? Shit fucking tons of BACON!

I had to watch this five times the first time I saw it, because I was just laughing too hard to hear him the first four times I restarted it.

And this isn't really bacon, but still...

And there's another thing. Bacon is soo delicious when cooked right (I hate bacon that like... snaps in half when I try to bite into it, but I also hate bacon that's chewy. I'm so picky about it. XD) but it can also be among the most disgusting things you've ever seen.

(I interrupt this post with a few things that I found on google. Let me just say. WOW. Google 'bacon' one day. Seriously.)

Back to what I was saying about bacon being nasty. Raw bacon? Gives me the whimwhams. Knowing that it turns into something delicious, and smells great on the way there, doesn't change that raw bacon is just disgusting.

And there are some things that should never have been put through the Bacon Machine.

Such as donuts.
(linked to that instead of posting it full out because of the "EW!!" factor.)

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  1. I had to come stop by your site, since you stopped by mine. Wow, a whole topic about bacon. Who would have thought? I'm a bacon kinda guy (stay away, sausage), but some of these images really make me question why people need to take a perfectly good food and ruin it. Go figure :)