Monday, June 1, 2009

Writing For Something

What I'm Listening To: Crazy Loop - Crazy Loop

What I'm Doing: Reading Crystal Line by Anne McCaffrey, and poking at my novel, seeing if it'll want to cooperate today.

First of all, a shout-out to Tara Maya, who guest-blogged over at The Literary Lab with an utterly fabulous post on Epic Fantasy.

This post was spawned by the fact that Mami prodded me last night and said, "You haven't updated your blog for six days!"

My excuse was, "I have nothing to say!" but it's also been because my computer is going crazy, and refuses to let me do anything. I finally switched over from Firefox (which is constantly giving me seven-hour 'not responding' messages) to Internet Explorer for the duration. (Eventually Firefox will come crying back to me, and I am weak, so I will return to it.)

So, from IE, I blog again! Mostly about not blogging. But I did think up something useful to say this morning, as well, so you get an actual blog about writing, and not just some random ditherings about not being able to blog.

Work on Eversong was ... slow going, to say the least. I started writing weeks ago, and had only about 5k in words to show for it. When a friend of mine started updating her wordcount on Twitter, my competitive nature came out, and I realised I'd only feel better about it until I'd surpassed her wordcount.

Still, the inspiration was there, but the motivation was seriously lacking.

Until Mami shared details about her book, which she's currently in the process of querying about. (Good luck darling! I cannot wait to see it in print!!) I couldn't rest until I knew more. So I avoided work on Eversong in favour of figuring out her book, interviewed her on my favourite character, decided I was focusing too much on just one, started asking questions about the others...

And got the first three chapters out of her.

Oh. My. God. I'm a long-time fan of her fanfics, and knew she was a fantastic writer. I was still not prepared for how quickly it sucked me in, and how totally my obsession was cemented. I fell utterly in love with everything I'd seen so far, and immediately began plotting ways I could get her to send me the rest.

She said she felt bad, because she didn't want to take away from my writing time. I joked that I wasn't getting much writing done anyway, and was more interested in her book than my own to boot. Then I remembered that if I have something to work FOR, I work BETTER.

So I said, I'll set myself a goal of 500 to 1000 words written before I read the next chapter.

With the knowledge of her book waiting for me, a chapter at a time if only I could write, my wordcount exploded. Whereas it had taken me several weeks to get to only 5k words, over the course of three or four days, my wordcount doubled, and is currently sitting at over 12k. Knowing that I couldn't allow myself to read more before I got something written suddenly overcame the hesitancy in my writing, and it advanced by leaps and bounds. It actually feels like it's going to become a novel now, and not remain unfinished forever. I have the end of her book waiting for me to write some more, and as soon as I'm done, I'm already wondering if she'll continue this for the next two books.

Now, because I know she reads this, I don't want to guilt her into thinking she's got to send it to me - it will just be very much loved. And I can write without AftG... it just tends to be more along the lines of one or two hundred words every few days. I'm not sure what I'll do when I've finished reading it all.

Start again, I suppose. It's easy enough to do. I'm afraid that my love for her books will never be diminished, and will remain a lifelong obsession. (Not necessarily a bad thing.)

What about the rest of you? Do you write for something, or do you just... write when the mood strikes?


  1. I write when I can, when I need to, and when my muses cooperate.

    And when I don't get distracted. XD

    But mostly I write because I like watching my word count get bigger.

    Also, Trom might base a mob in The Jungle off of my main character. He might make a new Champion to fight whose name will be Gwen and she will be a vampire who is hiding from a vampire hunter. My main character does not have a vampire hunter after her....but I told him he should talk to you because I thought you had a story about a vampire hunter... maybe? But yes, I might get to fight my main character hehe. So thats a bit of a motivation.

  2. Thank you~~~ I need all the luck I can get!

    Here's what I say:
    I think 1000 words is obviously too easy for you. If you want the other books, I think you should up the output! Otherwise I'll run out of chapters before you've run out of storyline. ;)

  3. Mami: 2k a chapter, then, as we worked out! That means I've got about two or three days until you've got to send me the next book, because it'll only take two or three days to finish up 6k in words. Within the hour or so since we worked on this, I've gotten a little over 500 words down, and now it's two in the morning, and I'm going to bed. FOREALZ this time, and not to just flop and roll and sigh and fidget for three hours.

    Ginny: That's totally awesome, about Trom. I haven't been doing anything but writing and talking to Mami, and reading. Oh, READING. ♥ Her book - when it comes out in a year or so, possibly as much as two years - will. Be. AWESOME. I'm so excited over it. Also, Eversong's completion date just jumped from a vague "Sometime near November or December" to "Quite possibly, this book will be complete before I turn twenty three."
    Yeah, someone's getting a shoutout in the acknowledgements section. XDD

  4. Thanks for the shout out. And what a great story! She is lucky to have a beta reader who loves her work, and I love your form of auto-motivating.

    I actually think it's a great idea, too. Reading is ultimately what reinspires me to write.