Saturday, August 6, 2011

we dreamt in heist

What I'm Listening To: Anberlin - We Dreamt in Heist

What I'm Doing: Updating my blogs instead of writing. 8D

Just realised that while I'm doing pretty good updating the other blog I just started (and then they made me their queen, right here on blogger, if you're interested in my disjointed, mostly non-authorly thoughts) I haven't updated this in a while.

So a quick writerly update for the writerly blog: I'm writing!

I had the idea about two years ago, when my computer was blown out by el nino, and I wrote the first three chapters out by hand.

I looked at all the stories I've got on my computer and just HATED. EVERYTHING. so I started typing up the "Untitled Wizard Story (That Has Nothing To Do With Harry Potter)" - which was the working title at the time - and then kept going.

I'm finishing it up for Camp Nano, and I'm considering doing the same thing for Nano in November - I realise that according to the rules, we're not supposed to write any of the prose before the first, but if I write it out by hand at first, and then type it up on the computer, it gives me a running start on actually writing, and helps with the flow.

That's how, in about three days, I've gotten up past twenty thousand words. I'm aiming for 30k by midnight tonight, so I've got to get off the internet, and keep going.

(Oh, the new title is "Boy Next Door" for the record. XD Much shorter than "Untitled Wizard Story (That Has Nothing To Do With Harry Potter)" right?)

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