Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mock Covers!

What I'm Listening To: Practical Magic

What I'm Doing: Watching Practical Magic and trying to think of something interesting to do.

A while back, I doodled up what I imagined the covers of the Eversong trilogy would look like. Unfortunately, I'm no artist, and it came out looking... rather silly.

So, when a friend of mine on the Quill and Ink Forum posted the mock-up covers of her novels, I was intrigued.

And immediately started work on my own.

Lo, behold! A sneak peak at the covers of the Legends of Eversong Trilogy!


  1. You, my friend, are very, very good at making covers. Much better than I am. :D

    Oh, and you've got an award waiting for you! :D


  2. LOVE the first one~ The second two are very lovely as well, but that first one really makes me wanna pick it up.

    Even though I can't.


  3. Jenna: EEEEE. MY FIRST AWARD!!! ♥ SANKYUU!!! Now, to figure out how the heck to get it on the side of my blog. XDD

    Schatzi: ♥ ♥ Sankyuuuuu. Me too, actually. XD That's why the first one's my favourite. I love the look of the second, but not the text... I should have used purple instead of blue. And while the third one's growing on me, it's DEFINITELY still my least favourite.
    But when I stopped and looked at the first one when I finished it... it made me believe that one day, I WILL get published. It's more than the knowledge that I'm going to TRY. It's the knowledge that I WILL.

    And the second and third don't have to be as good. Once someone picks up the first one, they'll want to pick up the second two to find out what happens.