Friday, August 21, 2009

Ponyo and Daily Shorts

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I saw Ponyo today. My first impression of it was "WHAT. THE. FSCK?!"

But then the story actually began to develop, and I got into it, and thought, "WHAT. THE. FSCK!?" still. XDD

Overall, it was MAAAD CUTE! I'd see it again, especially now that I know what it's about. I don't think I would have gone to see it on my own volition, but I'm glad I went.

While I was gathering links for the award thing, I saw something pretty cool on Ghiffi's blog. (I've fallen behind on keeping up with my blogger stuff, so I don't know why I never noticed it before; I always knew she posted art, but I just now realised that she posts a 'daily doodle.')

I've decided I'm going to gank it from her, and turn it into a daily short.

Basically, I'm going to take the thing from Twitter (whose name escapes me at the moment) and turn it into a 100-500 word short each day.

I'll start now.

(edit: the twitter page is Writing Prompt)

looking up

She turned her face up to the sky as the clouds ripped open with a rumble of thunder. Rain poured down around her, soaking her to the bone, but she refused to go inside. Blinking against the drops of water, she stared up into the endless expanse of grey, and imagined herself somewhere else. Anywhere else. The location didn’t matter, as long as she was away.

She pictured herself walking through the rain with someone special, someone who was like her – someone who didn’t mind the water falling from the sky. She didn’t know who it was, or if they even existed. But together, somewhere, they would walk through the damp streets holding hands, and they would cross a beautiful bridge spanning a small river.

At the apex of the bridge, they would pause, turn their faces skyward, and then lean forward and share a special kiss.

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  1. *sings* Poonyo Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko~

    Wasn't it adorable? Gott, I loved it so much. I think my favorite scene was Ponyo stuck in the jar... wiggle wiggle XD

    Also, that writing prompt thing? Kick. Ass. Ganking it from you, as well as this idea.

    Beautiful short~