Monday, April 20, 2009

An Ideal

Back when Eversong was in it's infancy (I presume that it's in it's toddler years at the moment) I searched various actors and actresses that, if Eversong were being made into a movie tomorrow, I would choose to portray the characters.

(I am in no way affiliated with these people, their names, or their celebrity status. There is no movie of Eversong yet, though I hope that one day it will be, and if it does get filmed, there is no guarantee that these actors and actresses will portray the characters I chose. This is simply an author's silly dream that I wished to share with the world, and an excuse to present how I imagine the characters in my novels to look.)

Major Characters

Victoria Crawford, generally referred to as Vicky:

Jessica Szohr

Jonas Brightblade:

Jim Sturgess

Jesse Flamestar:

Chace Crawford

Fwaip (pronounced 'Faye'):

Annasophia Robb

Daemyn Swift:

Ben Barnes

Danica Skyheart:

Jessica Alba

Minor Characters:
Ember Flamestar (Jesse's Sister):

Amber Tamblyn

Shian (Faye's mum):

Liv Tyler

Mayra Flamestar (Jesse and Ember's mum):

Keira Knightley

Pennelynn Swift (Daemyn's mum):

Jennifer Garner

My choice of Jessica Szohr and Chace Crawford for Vicky and Jesse was compounded when I found this picture of them on the internet:

You can probably deduce from this that Jesse and Vicky are the center 'romantic couple' of the story, but it doesn't revolve around them. This is a fantasy novel, not a romance.

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