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Self-made icons and a meme!

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I was reading Jennifer B. White's blog and she posted the most adorable meme.

Now, the majority of my meme madness goes into my LJ, where I can inflict it upon my poor, unsuspecting friends, but as this concerns the book, I simply had to post it here.

But first, I've created two LJ icons for my own use. (Please don't take them. They make sense to no one else but me, anyway! I just wanted to show them off.)

Jessica Szohr is how I imagine Vicky would look, specifically in the picture I posted in my last entry, and when I realised I had no Eversong icons, I immediately turned her into one. Naturally, she has absolutely nothing to do with Eversong (now, or ever, I'm afraid, but it's nice to dream freely) and I'm only using her face as a reference of sorts.

The next one was born of my attempt to find a good picture for the facebook page I made for the book. (it's never too early to start building a fanbase!) I searched 'free fantasy pictures' on google, and this was one of the results. I played with the colours a bit, because the girl was green, and the background was green, and it was difficult to tell there was anyone there at all, but it's absolutely perfect. I must dig up the full picture and show it off. I adore it so hard.

(dug up the full picture of the second icon. very beautiful!)

And now, onto the meme!

(Hopefully) Twenty five things you didn't know about Eversong!

1. The main character, Victoria Crawford, is named after my best friend, and my favourite character from Weiss Kreuz.

2. The first novel, Eversong, has roughly twenty six chapters in the outline.

3. Vicky's mum, Claire, was named after Claire Redfield of Resident Evil fame.

4. Vicky herself is based unashamedly upon myself. I will endeavor to see that she's not a 'mary sue' despite this fact.

5. Final Fantasy 9 Piano Collections inspired quite a few scenes.

6. The timeline I wrote covers just over a hundred years of backstory, but most of it will never see print.

7. I drew a very crude map (I believe I've mentioned I'm no cartographer) and created an entirely new language and religion.

8. A great deal of Eversong was based off of a four-year RP between a good friend and I.

9. The beginning and all 'earth' scenes take place in my home town of Virginia Beach.

10. The trilogy has no name (I'm open to suggestions with this, though.) Book one is simply Eversong, book two is Return to Eversong, and book three is Eversong: Dark Star Rising.

11. Vicky is not the first of her family to wind up in Eversong.

12. By chapter 12 of book 1, one of the main characters has died a messy, unpleasant death.

13. Book 2's outline is currently up to twenty nine chapters, and still counting.

14. I'm going to have to poll people on whether or not Vicky should suddenly (but plausibly) turn up with magical powers, because I can't decide for myself.

15. Each of the different races have names that are similar. (Dark Elves[NOT the official word for that race, but simply the best way to refer to them for the moment] have harsh sounding names, usually with unwieldy letters like X - Ixtli; The winged folk [again, not their official name] have airy sounding names, Aeryn, Pennelynn)

16. I have approximately fifteen pages of names written down, scattered through various notebooks. Most of these names will likely make it into the books.

17. Danica's married.

18. I can't decide whether or not to include a prologue. I've heard from a very reliable source that prologues aren't really welcomed by agents, because they give too much away in the beginning, and the information contained within them could just as easily be woven into the main threads of story at some other point. But there's absolutely no way to get everything in my current, mock-up prologue, into the rest of the story without halting the flow, so I'm in the middle of a conundrum.

19. Vicky is very much into foreign music.

20. Chapter 1 eludes me, but I have no problems imagining Vicky's descent into Eversong, which doesn't occur until chapter three in the outline. (the outline is a VERY rough draft, and is liable to change without notice.)

21. There's a possibility for romance between Faye and Daemyn, but I'm not sure. They haven't told me yet.

22. Each book is a self-contained story; it's not like some trilogies, which require all three books in order to resolve the conflict. There is a different conflict within each book, and each is resolved before the end. The three novels are for character development and story progression more than the conflict itself.

23. Two characters from B2 are taken directly from my high school RP, and very nearly had a novel of their own, before they incorporated themselves into Eversong.

24. I can't quite decide if this is going to be considered YA or not.

25. This meme was quite possibly harder to think up than the outline itself has been.

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