Monday, April 27, 2009


I was born under the name Amber, and it's done me true all my life, but when I was ten or eleven, I lived in a neighborhood where there were two Daves, two Mikes, and two Ambers. They became Big Mike and Little Mike, Big Dave and Little Dave, and there was no way in a burning eternity I was going to become Little Amber, so I picked up a baby name book from my mum (she'd just found out I was going to have a little brother) and discovered that Amber meant 'Jewel.' This is a load of crap, as amber is actually nothing more than fossilised tree sap. Amy was just above it, and meant 'beloved,' so I chose Amy, and I have been Amy for over ten years now.

I'm not sure how names go when publishing - if I'm going to be forced to write under Amber, or if I can have them print Amy when it's published, and then note in the little author's blurb at the back that my name is actually Amber - but I've decided that since I have plans to write novels in two entirely different genres (Eversong falls under 'fantasy', YA or not, but there's two more that are definitely going to be Historical Romances) I'm going to write my historical roms under a psuedonym.

I'm going to be coy, and use a nickname that I created as an inside joke with some friends, when we were discussing freedom fighters and revolutionaries - Kori de Liberte. (Kori of Liberty, basically. XD) Kori is my internet handle on most websites (or the full version, Koritsimou, but as most people can't even spell that, much less pronounce it, Kori I have become.)

A fantasy trilogy under the name Amy Kinsey, and a set of historical romances under the name Kori Deliberte. I'm going to giggle insanely every time I step foot in a bookstore, and see Kori Deliberte on the shelves, I just know I am.

One of my fondest dreams, in fact, is to walk into a bookstore, and look at Eversong on the shelves, and have someone walk up and start checking it out, and then discreetly sidle over and tell them about it, say that it's very good, and I should know - I wrote it. In those exact words. It's another very fond dream of mine to talk to some of my favourite authors (a dream that's coming true via Twitter, mostly) and I think that would be the most delightful bomb to drop into someone's lap. They're talking to the author.

*sigh* Someday. Someday.

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  1. The name of the trilogy is awesome. Eversong. I'd definitely buy a book titled thus. Kori Deliberte sounds very suitable for romance, especially medieval! Nice blog.